L. Campanella, T. Gatta, M. Tomassetti


The fish products are sources of high biological value proteins, of several salts, vitamins so being a valid alternative way to animal foods; fish is rich of essential polynsatured fat acids as preventing factors of some diseases as ateriosclerosis and heart ache. The aim of research was to yield a new mean for the fish freshness monitoring basing on the modification suffered by fish after his death. As monitored signals of the proposed “electrochemical tongue” we assumed common index as such as hypoxanthine or phenols concentration, both measured using proper biosensors and other ones such as redox potential, pH, and the antioxidant capacity measured by an enzymatic amperometric biosensor or by cyclic voltammetry. Considering the simplicity of the proposed analysis, the handiness and portability of the instrumental tools used for the electrochemical tongue so permitting in situ determinations and overall the reliability of the system, verified by the comparison with other traditional methods, it seems reasonable to assign a future to the present proposal. All the signals have allowed us to define the safety ranges and the limit values both by simple analysis and by low cost sensors.

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fish; freshness; biosensors; electrochemical tongue

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